Thursday, September 16, 2010

Step One: Inspirational Photos

Hanging the Artwork: These two images capture my taste in how I want the artwork to by displayed. I would like to have a group of matching frames hung for the most treasured artwork and a wire rod with clips for instant work to by hung.

(images via here and here)

Step One: Integrate Playfulness for my Child in the Decor

Ohdeedoh has some great posts about this here and here.
I am also loving the show Parenthood and so inspired by the set design.

I always wanted to just have the child's bedroom and playroom be the space for the toys and decor. I have realized at this point that is unrealistic for our living space and I need to learn to incorporate it throughout the house. So that puts me in the position to think about these things:

1. What toys do I want to invest in that I know my child likes to play with and I like looking at day in/day out....?

2. How do I want to store the toys, books, artwork, etc.?

3. What kids furniture do I want to invest in? The chairs and play table or just the chairs.....etc?

4. Observe what my child is really liking and keep that at her level while other things can be stored higher...

So these next few days I am going to try to answer these questions and post some inspiration photos in order to find my style and taste in children decor.

It's Been A While.....

This is the cutest changing table/crib house I have ever seen....actually the only one I have ever seen! Found via A Merry Mishap and designed by Dave Keune.

Adorable Snack Plates by Caroline Gomez found here.

New found blog love Parlour and check out the rest of her work!

The images above are just some of the things that have brightened my day today. This summer has been a challenge. We have moved from Phoenix to Seattle which was great and a wonderful road trip....but we felt we had a different place to be. So while we felt God opened another door we downsized from a 1600 sq ft house in Phoenix to a 1600 sq ft townhouse in Seattle too.........wait for it.......a 700 sq ft 1 bedroom apt in Dallas (side-note: with a 2 year old and a baby due in 7 weeks)!! This whole experience has been surreal and costly but I feel I am gaining so much trust in the Lord and building a believe it or not even more exciting and better relationship with my Hubby! We had signed a year lease in Seattle which put us in a just in case scenario we should probably do something cheap and small until we are out of the lease. Thankfully we are finally off the lease but are now stuck in this one bedroom for the next 6 months. I have decided to just pretend we are living in the Big Apple with a tiny space for a family. Since the downsize I have had to start thinking about what I really NEED and what will work best for our family in the long run. Over the next few weeks I hope to share how I will be nesting and preparing for baby no. 2 in this teeny space!