Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Just When I thought I've Seen it ALL: NYC Garbage

Umm.....I have never even considered making real trash look this good. Justin Gignac is a genius and pretty much proves good packaging design can sell any product. I think he needs to start selling prints of these cubes because they are all so unique and one of a kind! He also runs WANTS FOR SALE and NEEDS FOR SALE with his wife Christine Gignac. This duo is one to keep an eye on....everything they do is so "outside the box".

(Images grabbed from a google search of NYC garbage cubes)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Girls Can Tell

Some how I just stumbled across Sara Selepouchin's shop Girls Can Tell. Where have I been?! Her flour sack towels and recycled cotton lunchbags have that nerdy hip charm and
bring a smile to my face! Illustrative diagrams are so fun and witty as well as everything
else in her shop!

Monday, October 10, 2011

Just When I thought I've Seen it ALL

Seriously! Have you seen Dwell Studio's new furniture line?! Its drop dead amazing! I couldn't stop thinking about how much this sofa named George has re-newed my love for Ikat and how much more a pattern can impact a space when it's not just the pattern on the pillows. Picking the right pattern on a piece and not just going neutral is something challenging to me. I have a few pieces left to upholster and I keep telling myself go BOLD and pick a pattern....funny thing is the back of my mind says..."ok..but make sure the pattern is sort-of neutral tones...blacks, white, creams, gray...." We all have to start somewhere but the new Dwell Studio furniture totally inspired me to actually put a pattern on some vintage chairs and I am almost done with them!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Rummaged Goods....

All of these items will be for sale! I am still working on everything for the Etsy shop. I don't know why but I am just so intimidated. The photos, the shipping cost, etc...hopefully I can get it all together soon!

Monday, October 3, 2011

My Recent Purchases

this vintage sweater from alacloth

these gorgeous necklaces from a merry mishap

White Raccoon

I am in the works of opening up a store on Etsy! It is called White Raccoon (button on the side) and I have been gathering all my goods as well as trying to finish up the photos! Hopefully items will be posted by the end of the week! Also I signed up for Holly Becker's Blogging Your Way e-course and it starts this Friday! I know I am going to learn so much from all the talented instructor's and there is always room for growth!