Monday, October 10, 2011

Just When I thought I've Seen it ALL

Seriously! Have you seen Dwell Studio's new furniture line?! Its drop dead amazing! I couldn't stop thinking about how much this sofa named George has re-newed my love for Ikat and how much more a pattern can impact a space when it's not just the pattern on the pillows. Picking the right pattern on a piece and not just going neutral is something challenging to me. I have a few pieces left to upholster and I keep telling myself go BOLD and pick a pattern....funny thing is the back of my mind says..."ok..but make sure the pattern is sort-of neutral tones...blacks, white, creams, gray...." We all have to start somewhere but the new Dwell Studio furniture totally inspired me to actually put a pattern on some vintage chairs and I am almost done with them!

1 comment:

  1. Wow! I agree this is drop dead amazing!
    I'm actually posting an article on a goat as art Monday! What a coinicidence!

    Lovely earthy color combinations and unexpected but harmonious pattern combinations.

    So nice to meet you through BYW.
    All the best,
    Mary C. Nasser Art Blog