Friday, March 25, 2011

I am 9500 days old today.......

I turn 26 today which is about 9500 days old. I feel so much older when I look at how many days I have been around! I don't even want to get into hours/minutes/seconds!

Image found here.

A cup of toffee with cream.....please...

I am loving this neutral combination of toffee/camel colored leathers with different creamy shades of whites and textures. Today is my birthday and I have spied two camel colored chairs of I have been wanting all week! I hope they still have them when I get to go out tonight!

Here are the links to all the images sure to check out each photographer's portfolio!

The first three photographs were taken by Morten Holtum.

The next image was found via decorpad. (I am working on finding out the photographer)

The last photograph was taken by William Waldron for Elle Decor.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I love how blogs can just keep going....I went to this blog which lead me here and here and then I ended up here then here and here!

So for a quick breakdown here are all the blogs I just went around to and found the inspiring spaces above:

Simply Designed and her Tumblr
The Beautiful Soup
Little Blue Deer
Flex Inredning
Rusta Upp

This is the daily cycle when I am reading blogs. I run this blog just for my own self to try to keep up with all the inspiration going on in the world (mainly interiors/art/decor). I have to constantly remind myself to post something I saw that I can't stop thinking about so I don't forget where I found it otherwise it gets long lost and stuck in my inspiration folder with no remembrance of where it came from!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Weekly Muse

I love these pillows found here and here.

Made by Marianne Van Ooij and check out everything else she makes at her Studioooij.